Building better relationships between dogs and their owners!


Using reward and science based, positive reinforcement training techniques.

Building better relationships between dogs and their handlers!


Using reward and science based, positive reinforcement training techniques.

At All Levels Canine we take a different approach to training

You see over the last few decades our dogs are expressing behaviors that are becoming quite epidemic and this is a sign that our dogs are actually struggling to fit into the environments they find themselves living in, that is as pets and its far from what dogs were bred for. Their purpose back hundreds of decades ago is far more different then what their purpose is today.

Chantelle is the first person to be a Certified Family Dog Mediator in all of BC, Canada, and is among the first line of CFDMs in the world!


As a Family Dog Mediator, Chantelle will help you take a deep dive into the "why" your dog is behaving the way they are, what your dog historically was bred for and how the current environment they are living in, is making it a little difficult for them to fit in and how social relationships are becoming more complex.

Having a true understanding of our dogs is becoming almost history, so its important to understand who your dog is and the environment they are finding themselves in and HOW we/you can help them navigate life through this new modern world.

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Success Stories

Each Story has a unique beginning, Every dog struggles with something different and each owner faces different challenges! The end results are ever changing with success.!

Victoria & Arlo

"We did private training with Chantelle for our Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Before we started training, Arlo was easily over stimulated, had trouble settling down when it was “quiet time”, and was starting to develop some resource guarding tendencies. Chantelle worked with us to teach us and Arlo proper etiquette for our daily life. Using Chantelle’s techniques helped us to develop a better relationship and bond with Arlo. He can now better handle situations that are exciting, settles when it’s time, and is more relaxed about us near him while he’s eating. Chantelle continues to reach out and offer support even though our sessions have been finished for some time. She has been truly committed to improving our lives with Arlo and we can’t thank her enough for that. We plan to do recreational classes with her in the future, and will absolutely work with her for any of our other training needs."

Chloe & Finn

“We found Chantelle through a Google search for trainers in Merritt. We brought home our little pup in August of 2020 and started training classes in September. Chantelle was a fantastic trainer! Not only was she super friendly, but she tailored the training to each individual pup. Our guy, Finn, struggles a lot with leaving distractions alone on walks and staying with us instead of wanting to say hi to everyone and Chantelle was quick to give us some individualized tips that helped our specific puppy. After completing the training, our pup is now 7 months and still goes on pack walks with Chantelle twice a week. He is always so so excited to see her and has a great time on the pack walks (as evidenced by the fact that he’s pooped when he comes home!) I could not recommend her and her classes enough! We truly have such a great puppy and I firmly believe a lot of that is due to Chantelle and her training classes!!”

Cathy, Nala, Meka & Kona

"Where to start…I guess first with a huge THANK YOU!! I can't thank Chantelle enough for the guidance and training that she taught us, and our fur babies! I contacted All Levels Canine after doing some research on Hybrid dogs and trainers for two behavioral issues with our dogs - one with our EXTREMELY timid 1 year old husky-wolf pup and second regarding an altercation with our other dogs - Nala, our 5 year old Husky, Meka attacked our 8 year old American Eskimo, Kona. Taking our pup Nala on leash walks or in public was a large struggle, she would coward down to the ground, tail between her legs and dart in any direction to attempt to get away from anything (literally, the wind, people, a tree moving, vehicles would scare her). She would hide when anyone came over, even my parents who she has grown up around. After just one session with Chantelle, Nala was able to actually walk with us in a busy park in a more comfortable manner, she wasn’t cowering to the ground or darting in the opposite direction of people or other pets. We continued to work with her for a number of weeks and am more than shocked with the change in Nala around people, on leash and even at home when family or friends come over. Chantelle also helped us work with our husky and American Eskimo and the tension in the home between all three. She taught us boundaries with the dogs, how to share attention to avoid further tension, and how to re-direct negative behavior and reinforce/reward positive behaviors. We will continue to work with them on leash outside and in the home, and although the three will never be able to run around the yard together like they used to, we have learnt the tools required to ensure all three dogs are safe, happy and continue to portray positive behaviors. Chantelle was incredible to work with and her follow ups even after we completed the training are amazing, you know she truly cares about you and more importantly your fur babies! She is patient and knowledge, we are forever thankful for the training we received, and would recommend her to anyone seeking help with their dogs, especially with Hybrids/Huskies!! Thank you again Chantelle, Cathy Bishop"